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The needs in Asia overlay well with Hawaii’s core competencies and strategic directions. Asia has capital, potential markets and business partners. Hawaii is uniquely positioned to be a good partner. China has a compelling need for life science products and services. China has placed as top priority on its national agenda to solve energy and environmental problems. Hawaii’s commitment to wean the state from oil and move into alternative energy sources and CleanTech is synchronized with that of China’s. HiBEAM will help its portfolio companies develop links and knowledge for raising funds, grow the market in Asia and find business and research partners.

Panel of American Entrepreneurs in China at the Hawaii Tech Asia 2012 in Beijing.  Robert Char, Sandalwood Mountains Associates, Roberta Lipson, Chindex International and United Family Hospitals, and Carl Setzer, Great Leap Brewing Company

Panel of American Entrepreneurs in China at the Hawaii Tech Asia 2012 in Beijing. Robert Char, Sandalwood Mountains Associates, Roberta Lipson, Chindex International and United Family Hospitals, and Carl Setzer, Great Leap Brewing Company

In September 2011, HiBEAM launched the Hawaii Tech Asia to introduce participating companies to the venture capital, private equity, and angel investor communities in Singapore, China and Hong Kong – as well as to legal, accounting and business development professionals who can assist them in navigating the China and South East Asia markets. Expected outcomes of the visit will be rich collaborations, deal flows, joint ventures, or partnerships with China, Singapore and Hong Kong firms. In 2011, four biotech companies headed for Singapore and 13 companies went to Hong Kong. In September 2012, Hawaii Tech Asia took 11 technology companies to Hong Kong and Beijing. HiBEAM received the Success Story Award from the Federation of Hong Kong Associations Worldwide and Hong Kong Trade Development Council at the 2012 Hong Kong Forum. It recognizes HiBEAM’s efforts to help US companies by using Hong Kong as a platform to go to the markets of China and Hong Kong. In 2013, HiBEAM partnered with the Hong Kong Business Association of Hawaii to organize the “Business Development Mission to Hong Kong – Pearl River Delta”.

Hawaii Tech Asia 2012

Hawaii Tech Asia in Hong Kong, Beijing, Pearl River Delta and Singapore


Thank you very much again for organizing and hosting the HiBEAM Hawaii Tech Asia symposium for Hawaii based SMEs. I found the program extremely informative and a very efficient forum for facilitating introductions to third parties and for direct meetings with potential collaboration partners. The IP attorneys at Baker & McKenzie were helpful in clarifying our IP concerns. We also received indications of interest from 3 VCs in attendance at the Venture Showcase, were introduced to another VC by Wilton Chau and were approached by two investment banks. I also met with 10 distributors via the US Department of Commerce Gold Key Service which would not have happened as quickly without the HiBEAM event. On behalf of Kai Medical, I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts in pulling together a highly successful event.

-Bob Nakata, Kai Medical

The partnership with Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA program provided us with students who were “buddies” for the week. My buddy was able to arrange an additional meeting for me with one of the largest ink makers in the world. This meeting allowed us to explore a potential relationship for security ink products, a truly value-added connection. Thank you for arranging a seminar through the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) at which I was able to present on behalf of TruTag. The seminar, entitled “Combating Counterfeiting through IP Protection and Advanced Technologies” drew almost 50 HKPC members all of whom were interested in addressing counterfeiting. That event was emblematic of the “can do” nature of Hong Kong and has led to continuing inquiries from attendees about opportunities for TruTag’s business.

-Peter Wong, TruTag Technologies

High Health Aquaculture would like to take this opportunity to thank HiBeam for organizing the Hawaii Tech Asia (HTA) 2011 program. Our initial interest in joining the program was to expand our existing business in the China market. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise that the Hong Kong visit opened doors to many new opportunities in addition to our current business strategy. We are pleased to say that we are pursuing some of these opportunities that arose from participating in the HTA program. The support before, during and after the program was and continues to be outstanding. We consider our participation in the program as a big success and this was all made possible by the HTA program and Bee-Leng Chua.

-Jason Ueki, High Health Aquaculture Asia, Inc

HIBEAM has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Collaboration with:

The Center for Clinical Trials, School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Center for Entrepreneurship, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The Center for Clinical Trials (CCT) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is an organization dedicated to providing quality clinical research services to industry sponsors, individual investigators and entrepreneurs who are interested in clinical drug trials and device development and to working closely with the international, regional and local groups in the management of clinical trials.

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) of CUHK is an organization dedicated to understanding, documenting and promoting entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, Greater China and the world through research, education and practice; whereas CCT and the CfE wish to promote knowledge transfer to and from CUHK.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) facilitates academic and business exchanges to facilitate the commercialization of advanced technologies, especially in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences. Without any contractual commitment, CCT, CfE and HIBEAM agree to consult and cooperate with a view to pursuing joint activities including:

· Conducting Education and Training Programs
· Pursuing Research
· Establishing Ownership of Intellectual Property
· Conducting Clinical Trials
· Facilitating Supplier, Buyer and Resource Partnerships