Since its founding in 2000, HiBEAM portfolio companies have raised more than $100 million in equity funding.


A portfolio company provides HiBEAM with a small percentage of equity in order to participate in the formal mentoring program.


· Potential annual revenues of $50-100 million
· Market characterized by rapid, high growth
· Global market opportunity

· Experienced and dedicated management team
· Management is able to work effectively with HiBEAM
· and benefit from its program

Exit Strategy
Management has a viable exit strategy

Limited risks associated with technology, market, sales, and management development

· Company holds proprietary property with respect to its products/services
· Significant competitive barriers to entry exist

Geographical Focus
Owned in the State of Hawai’i

“Prior to HiBEAM, there was very little understanding in the local business community on how to raise private equity capital, or what technology company corporate governance looked like. HiBEAM has done a wonderful job bringing this to Hawaii and institutionalizing, as well as teaching, the discipline to the benefit of all local high technology companies. With the help of HiBeam, Hoana Medical has raised over $40M in private equity capital”

- Patrick Sullivan, CEO, Oceanit

“HiBEAM helped Sopogy develop our strategy to raise a successful series A financing”

- Darren T. Kimura, President/CEO, Sopogy


Hoku ScientificHoku Scientific
Hoku was a HiBEAM company that went public in 2005. It is a diversified clean energy technologies company traded on the NASDAQ HOKU.

Titan KeyTitan Key
Titan Key was a HiBEAM company that was acquired in 2005 by the Singapore-based Salora group company. It developed a patented technology that eliminates spam for the user.

Nanopoint ImagingNanopoint Imaging
Nanopoint develops and markets unique cellular experimentation systems for the life sciences market. Nanopoint’s microfluidics platform enables multi-day experimentation in a controlled environment. This platform is integrated with live cell imaging capabilities, offering greater precision, repeatability, throughput, and efficiency than conventional platforms. Nanopoint systems are used for a wide range of applications such as assisted reproductive technology, drug discovery, cell culturing, and other life science research.

Sprout IncSprout Inc
Sprout improves the way brands connect with consumers by creating and delivering personally relevant Engage Ads and Engage Apps across publisher sites and social networks. With Sprout, brands can drive engaging online experiences that are rich, interactive, and socially connected. Any Sprout Engage App or Engage Ad can be delivered for any social platform or network.


Cardax PharmaceuticalsCardax Pharmaceuticals
Cardax Pharmaceuticals is developing proprietary, oral drug therapies where inflammatory pathways play an important pathological role in large unmet medical needs, in particular dyslipidemia, liver disease, and metabolic syndrome. Most current anti-inflammatory agents have long-term side effects that limit their utility. In contrast, Cardax Pharmaceuticals’ drugs reduce inflammation in a different, quantifiable, and inherently safer manner.

Hawaii BiotechHawaii Biotech
Hawaii Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of vaccinations for established and emerging infectious diseases. The company developed a proprietary protein production platform that is applicable to the production of vaccine antigens and other proteins. Lead vaccine candidates in clinical development target the West Nile virus and Dengue Fever. Hawaii Biotech’s proprietary platform and its dengue vaccine program were sold to Merck & Co., Inc. in 2010.

Protekai IncProtekai Inc
Protekai, in conjunction with the University of Hawaii, is working with a de novo fluorescent protein extracted from the marine organism Physalia (Portuguese man-of-war). The protein represents a new class of near-infrared fluorescent proteins, opening the door to a myriad of diagnostic & research applications currently unavailable.


Firetide is the leading provider of multi-service mesh networks for industrial and municipal applications. Firetide provides a secure, high performance wireless mesh infrastructure and access solution for video surveillance, Internet access, public safety networks, and temporary networks wherever rapid deployment, mobility, and ease of installation are required.


Sopogy designs, develops, and manufactures proprietary Micro-scaled Concentrating Solar Power technologies (MicroCSP). MicroCSP technology uses mirrors and optics to concentrate sunlight and capture thermal energy capable of producing electricity, air conditioning, process heat, and desalinated water.

Materials Sciences

Adama MaterialsAdama Materials
Adama is a materials science company focused on the development and commercialization of patented technologies to significantly improve the mechanical performance of composite structures.

Medical Devices

Hoana MedicalHoana Medical
Hoana Medical, Inc. has raised over $40 million in private equity to build the world’s leading healthcare company focused on Intelligent Medical Vigilance. Today, Hoana manufactures and sells a unique life saving medical technology called the LifeBed™ Patient Vigilance System, a reusable and disposable mattress coverlet that tracks a patient’s basic vital signs without any wires or connection to the patient. Hoana recently introduced a new version of the LifeBed focused on emergency room overcrowding called the LifeGurney™ Patient Vigilance System. Hoana’s technology “can transform any hospital bed into a LifeBed or LifeGurney.”

OneMedNetOneMedNet’s BEAM has a patented technology that delivers critical medical images in a simple, secure and timely manner increasing efficiency, reducing costs and saving patient lives.

Social Media

People BridgePeople Bridge
People Bridge has built a set of online applications and cutting edge tools that allow an individual to control and model one’s neighborhood online. People Bridge’s neighborhood platform helps businesses, organizations, and individuals reach out, connect, and make a positive impact within their communities.


AGIS NetworkAGIS Network
AGIS helps caregivers for the elderly by electronically guiding and connecting them with the best possible information about elderly care. AGIS provides “better decisions for care giving” by giving its users free access to the broadest possible range of worthwhile, nonbiased information.